Had a litlle break from the hares today and cut out some dog silhouettes from lino.  I worked for about 5 hours solid until the middle finger on my left hand (I'm left handed) went completely numb!  Not good. 
Time for a break, so the dogs and I went for a walk in the woods.  The wind had been really strong and one of the big old trees had snapped about 15 feet up, the top half crashing onto the path.  I am very glad we were not there at the time!  The dogs loved sniffing about among the branches whilst I hopped over  it to continue the walk, battling against the wind.  It was great fun and certainly blew away the cobwebs.
Today I succumbed to printing more of the hares, but then started to play with the dog outlines.  I printed them all on one sheet just to see how they worked.  Then I started to work out which went together, making little compositions.  I do plan to make a large print with all or most of them and probably include some street elements - definitely a lamp post or two!  Anyway here are my first proofs....  The photos have come out a bit blue  as I took them in natural light in the evening.
9/3/2012 04:09:52 pm

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