I thought I'd give my new press a good workout trying to print a Collagraph I had nothing but trouble with when I printed  it the first time round.  I added extra raindrops, then cut highlights out and  trimmed the plate down a bit as well.  I used Speedball waterbased inks and used my newly recovered brayers for the first time. The brayers worked beautifully, picking up the ink smoothly, unlike the hard rubber rollers I used previously.  The press is a thing of beauty and smooth as silk to use. I am a happy printmaker
A slightly revamped "Silver" exhibition opened on Saturday at the Rothes Halls.  It was very well hung and such a good space, airy and well lit.  We had a good crowd for the opening speech by Lindsay Roy MP and the work seemed to be well received. The Exhibition run until the 12th of May.