Here are a few of  the Collagraphs the students made last week and printed today. Once again they all worked hard and produced very good, strong images. We started the day printing them as reliefs and then moved on to intaglio printing in the afternoon. This provided the greater scope for creativity, altering the inking and adding colour. Once again they all went home with a varied body of images and the day passed in a flash.

I'd like to thank them all for their hard work over the four weeks.
It is the final day of the Introduction to Printmaking Course I have been doing at FDPW in Dunfermline. It has been great fun with six enthusiastic students who have all worked hard and produced a lot of good work in a short time. So far we have covered monoprinting, relief printing and intaglio at breakneck speed, but I hope it has whetted the appetite to learn more.
Last week we prepared collagraph plates, using everything from card to feathers, lace to matchsticks and plastic shuttlecocks. It was a good day although a bit of a mystery as nobody knows how they will print. We made sure the final results were well varnished both front and back to increase their lifespan.
So tomorrow is the excitement of printing them. We will start with a relief "proof" to get an idea of what we have. Maybe time for some adjustments, then intaglio printing and a combination of both for a more colourful print.
Back at the Workshop in Dunfermline today (FDPW Fife and Dunfermline Printmakers Workshop)  finishing off my reduction print. It's been a long process and I'm pleased to be finshed. I'm still too close to know if I'm happy with the results, but I'll put them away for a week or so then look at them again with a fresh eye.

Next planned project is the twelve days of Christmas. I've been doing a lot of drawing, but haven't decided on the final images, or even the size I'm going to do them. First thoughts were to do them all small, maybe 150 x 100, but now I'm thinking a variety of sizes might be more interesting. Give me more scope when I get to the higher numbers too. I thought I knew the order of the days, but I found on the Internet that the order seems to have changed. When did that happen?
My "known" order was 9  Drummers drumming - now it seems to be  9  Ladies dancing
                                             10  Pipers piping                  - now                            10  Lords leaping
                                             11  Ladies dancing               - now                             11  Pipers piping
                                             12  Lords leaping                 - now                             12  Drummers drumming
Which version to choose? Anyone know which, if any, is correct?

I'll work on the images first I think.
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