I started my journey into exploring polyester plate lithography last night at Dundee Contemporary Arts centre. Whilst not quite instant it certainly is a lot less labour intensive than traditional stone lithography and the possibilities have had my head spinning all day.
The plates themselves are intended for use in the printing industry, printing magazines, cereal boxes etc, but the method takes the large scale printing presses and processing out of the equation leaving a fairly low tech process of producing artists prints.
 It's all very exciting and I'm trying to get my head round it to work up some images that make it work for me. Never one  to go for  the easy option I want to print in several colours, so I'm sure much head scratching and false starts lie ahead. I like the idea of combining this technique with collagraphs or linoprints.
I've posted my first attempt underneath, a copy of the skull drawing from my reduction linoprint. Pretty good result I think, although the ink was tending to block up after only 3 prints. This can be overcome, but is annoying. I'm sure my technique will improve with more practise.