I don't seem to have posted for quite a while now, but life has been busy!  First I was getting prints done for Leicester's "Small Print, Big Impression", where I was spoiled for choice in the end with so many prints to choose from.
I have also been  busy filming with Diversity.  We had a good first day filming in Glenrothes shopping centre, but the second shooting day in the town itself was brought to an abrupt halt when both our main battery and the spare died before we even got started filming.  Such things happen.  We're filming again next week for two days in the Necropolis in Glasgow and I'm looking forward to that - weather permitting.  We've had some pretty wild weather here recently, with high winds and gale force winds - so fingers crossed.  Hat, scarf and gloves with a waterproof and a flask I think.
Our local excitement is the demolition of the Power Station.  They seem to be taking it to bits rather than knocking it down, so it will take around a year to complete.  I've been taking  photos of their progress...
I must admit I will miss it when it's gone.  I like its ugly functionality and the chimney is a landmark you can see from miles around.