Despite its difficulties I persevered with my large Collagraph.  I have done a good deal of  work with the Lascaux products, but all on a fairly small scale and they have been pretty successful. I like the idea of being able to just paint the products onto a support - metal plate, MDF or thick card/mountboard - then ink them up like an etching and print them with the aid of an etching press onto damp paper. This all sounds too easy really. The problems arise in that you never quite know how the plate will print until you try. Basically Gesso or Pastelground which appear white on the support will print as black and Stop out which appears blue will print white.  It takes a good deal of adjustment to get the tones you want by watering down either to produce a grey. Soft ground is very good for impressing textures onto the plate and gives good results if you leave it for 12 -15 minute to get tacky.  The other BIG variable is in the wiping before printing.  It is very easy to wipe too much, or indeed too little ink off the plate, leading to disaster.  Another of those things you only learn with plenty of experience.
I would certainly recommend trying these products, but don't give up if prints are disappointing to start with. The plate will be savable with more work. Persevere...
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