I've started a new reduction print for an event in Leicester, called "Small print, big impression".  The maximum size is 10 x 10 cm, so that is what I am using.  It suits me well as I've always enjoyed working in a square format.  I already had a good number of hare drawings in my sketchbooks and these two just seemed to fit perfectly.
I cut out everything I wanted to remain white then printed my first colour - yellow -  in my home studio, using Speedball waterbased ink.  Next I went to FDPW in Dunfermline and printed it again with oil based ink.
More cutting back home and the next colour - a yellow/burnt sienna mix.
This is the smallest reduction print I've done and unusually I haven't done a detailed plan of my colours so I'm sure there will be surprises ahead!
9/24/2012 01:43:34 pm

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