For the final night we were revisiting the plates we had created on the course. I decided to concentrate on the Toray plate I created last week. The original image had been of a misty day on the promenade in Leven, Fife. I had used my Canon Pixma 610 to print it on to tracing paper, but the inks were not opaque enough. After several test exposures we settled on a short exposure of 4 light units. Those using a photocopier or laser printer needed an exposure of 9 light units. In developing the image I was trying  a bit too hard to rub the image into life, but got one of those "happy acidents" where I rather liked the image - despite it bearing scant resemblance to the original.
I also printed a lithograph of my original zebra linocut. After the trouble printing the Omega plates I wanted a strong black and white image to try. It turned out fine, though I prefer the linocut by far.

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