Our fourth and final week with Carol and Robert, concentrating on Etching using the Lascaux products they developed.  We worked on copper plates using combinations of hard or soft resist, wash resist, stopout, aquatint and plate backing. All modern takes on traditional products and all safe, washable in water or Mystrol.  The aquatint was sprayed on using an airbrush, all the other painted on the plate.  Once the images were complete, the plates were put in the acid bath for around 30 minutes. My plate still needs more work, but I will proof print it on Tuesday to see what it needs.
I think it will take a while to process all the information of the last 4 weeks, covering screenprinting, collagraphs and etching, positives on PVC. I'm sure I've forgotten a lot already, but using their books as reference, I'm sure I'll be incorporating their methods into my work. 

Toray Plates

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