A great start to my week when I bought a second hand Rollaco "Classic" etching press, something I've been hunting for over a long period of time. It is in "as new" condition, even the blankets and is a good size at 18" x 36" - it is 14 years old after all.  About 46 x 92 cm in modern measuring. Nice colour too!
I'm looking forward to being able to print my Collagraphs at home and to get back to etching - on top of my lino prints! Where exactly I am going to find the time I haven't worked out yet...
04/09/2011 12:36

Just come across your blog it's great. I too have just taken delivery of a Rollaco press. I am so excited! Just itching to get in the studio. I will sign up to your blog- love your prints

09/24/2012 23:39

Nice one info, thx

robyn Tuck
09/18/2014 21:23

I am looking at buying one, made in 2002. what do you suggest it would be worth providing it is in good order...and what should I look out for to check that it is good condition

Withathanks Robyn


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