Having spent a lot of time recently working on various 10 cm x 10 cm prints, I felt the need to work on something larger for a change of pace.  The crows are still there - they are constantly in my head and my sketchbooks for some reason.  This time the crow is living  on the man's umbrella - perhaps he's waiting for a particularly poor bus service!  Seems like a fun idea to me.  I'm doing it as a Collagraph, using multiple plates.  I have a plate for the background, one for the silhouette, one for the face and hands, plus two smaller plates for the development of the crows "story".  The plates are varnished mountboard, the details cut from thin card.  
 The left hand photo shows all the plates together, the right shows the second stage with the background and the silhouette printed using oil based inks. 
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