A bit late I know, but Fife Dunfermline Printmakers Workshop is having an opening at Abbot House in Dunfermline on Friday 18th June from 6 - 8.30 of  Members Prints. During the day on  Saturday we will be giving people the opportunity to come along and make a print on our "travelling press". Should be lots of fun and of course children are welcome to have a go along with the adults. Do pop in if you're in Dunfermline.

I feel very fortunate today as my birthday is coming up, but my present arrived early - a new digital camera! My aged  trusty little Pentax wasn't quite up to the job of recording my prints without bending the edges. So my new  Panasonic Lumix TZ9 was my choice after much research on the internet - actually I'd decided on a TZ7, but was offered a very good price on the newer, richer in features TZ9. I can't wait to get out taking lots of photographs.