I have been continuing with the hares, though I haven't  posted them here yet.  The fifth layer went well, as I printed sepia oil based ink with a little extender.  It really made the hares stand out  and I liked the subtle ring round their eyes.  Even the registration was working well, despite being a very simple "line it up against an L-shaped piece of card".  Being small definitely helped - don't think I would risk it with a larger one.
As for the sixth layer... not quite so straightforward.  I had done a couple of proofs with a minty green which I thought worked, but when I set about the edition, I hated the colour.  I mixed five or six different shades, proofing each of them, but not being satisfied with any of them.  So I stopped and went home to consider my next move.  I don't know if it had anything to do with the fluorescent lights in the Workshop.  I'll look at them again in daylight  tomorrow when I return to the Workshop.
At the moment I think I might be tempted just leave it at layer five... maybe.

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